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Erectile Dysfunction Pills are sildenafil-based medication that online pharmacies are selling for the treatment of ED. If you want to learn about the Bitcoin payment promotions these retailers offer and the ED pill’s side effects, this article will interest you.

Buy Erectile Dysfunction Pills with Bitcoin

You can buy erectile dysfunction pills from online pharmacies using fiat currencies via several of the most common digital transactional methods. However, online pharmacies make no secret that they prefer that their clients pay for orders using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency due to how much more secure it is as a digital transactional currency.

It is no secret that online pharmacies have a preference for clients paying for orders using Bitcoin because they reward Bitcoin-paying clients with exclusive service benefits, the first of which is a free-of-charge increase in the size of their orders. The second reward is express shipping which allows for the orders of Bitcoin-paying clients to be delivered more expediently without increased courier fees.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills Side Effects

erectile dysfunction pills side effects that most typically occur during the use of erectile dysfunction pills are headaches, dizziness, and light-headedness. This is consequential because both sildenafil citrate and having sex lead to dehydration. If you want to avoid such ED pill side effects from occurring while using erectile dysfunction pills, you need only drink more water to stay well hydrated.

An uncommon side effect caused by erectile dysfunction pills is priapism, an erection that refuses to go away after 4 hours. To prevent the worst from happening, men who experience priapism must seek medical attention immediately.

It is unwise to use amyl nitrate (AKA “poppers”) when under erectile dysfunction pills because the former is a nitric oxide donor that causes low blood pressure. Combining the two substances can cause you to pass out.

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