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6 Things You Thought You Knew About Sexual Health (But Were Wrong)

Let’s talk about something as important as it is covered in mystery: sexual health. We all think that we have figured it out, but only to realize later that we were wrong. It is like you are trying to assemble IKEA furniture without the instruction manual. You will think that you have got it, but then you have left the spare screws and a crooked shelf. This post talks about all those misconceptions about sexual health and discovers the truth.

Myth 1: You Can’t Get Pregnant On Your Period

Some people think that Aunt Flo is the bulletproof shield against pregnancy. We hate to burst your bubble as we say this, Mother Nature can be quite unpredictable, and oftentimes it is the trickster. You are indeed less likely to get pregnant during your period, but it is not impossible. Once the sperm enters your body, it can hang around for a maximum of 5 days, waiting for that egg to make its debut. So, if you are up for playing the risky game, remember that nature does not always follow the rules.

Myth 2: Birth Control Protects Against STDs

If you are at the sexual health rodeo, and thinking that your birth control pill is your trusty knight in shining armor, embrace yourself for a surprise. Birth control does a fantastic job of preventing pregnancy, but it is not as effective against STDs. If you are not using protection, and just having pills and sex, it is like you are using a paper umbrella in a monsoon. If you have multiple partners or love casual hookups, then wrap it up with a condom because safety first.

Myth 3: Pulling Out Is A Reliable Contraceptive Method

The pull-out method is commonly used and adored by many. The pull-out method has been around since humans discovered fire, but it is not exactly the surefire way to prevent pregnancy. If you are playing the risky pulling-out game, then you will have to do it at a level of accuracy that is nearly unthinkable when you are in the heat of the moment. Moreover, there is this pre-ejaculate thing that contains sperm, and it makes the whole pulling-out thing a game of sexual Russian roulette. Hence, if you are not ready for a youngster, try out more reliable contraceptive options.

Myth 4: Sex Is Only About Penetration

Sex education more often than not concentrates on the main event, but it is time that we talk about the extras. Treat sex like a buffet dinner where you get to choose a variety of dishes. When sex is on the plate, you get to choose from kissing, cuddling, oral play, foreplay, and a lot of pleasurable actions beyond penetration. Just remember that sex is not about what you are getting from it; is not a destination, but a journey that you should be enjoying together. So next time when you are having sex, take your time to explore and enjoy every moment. 

Myth 5: You Can Tell If Someone Has An STD Just By Looking At Them

Suppose you are out on a date and your date looks like a fine summer’s day. You would not even know if they have an STD. Don’t be fooled by their appearance because sexually transmitted infections are sneaky and don’t usually show any symptoms. So, whenever you are talking to someone, they will not have a flashing neon sign above their head that reads, “Hey I have an STI!” Do regular testing, and open communication with your partner to know for sure if you are fighting against an STI.

Myth 6: Sex Should Always Be Perfect And Mind-Blowing

Thanks to porn and Hollywood, we have unrealistic expectations about sex. But the truth is more messy and awkward, and sometimes even weird. Sex is not always the steamy scene from romance novels and that is perfectly okay. Everyone has different bodies, and what works for you will not work for Mia Khalifa. They take pills like kamagra 100mg to make the sex more longer to retake to make the adult films. Therefore, it is time you let go of those performance anxieties and focus on the bond you have with your partner. Focus on increasing intimacy, laughter, and love that you can share from vulnerable experiences.


In conclusion, sexual health is like an ever-evolving dance that you have to constantly learn and grow with. You will stumble along the way sometimes, but it is okay. It is okay to admit when you are wrong about something, especially when it involves the well-being of us and our partners. The thing you should do is keep the conversation going, break down these myths, and create a world where sexual health is something that we all understand.

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