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What is Sexual Consent? A Casual Guide for Young Adults

Today we are talking about a topic Erectile dysfunction treatment that is not-so-sexy, but incredibly important: sexual consent. We know that talking about sexual consent can be a little bit awkward. But it is like wearing a seatbelt—a bit comfortable sometimes, but it could also save your life. So, let’s make this topic a little less intimidating and a lot more relatable.

What The Heck Is Consent Anyway?

Consent is a big green light in the street of sex and intimacy. Buy Kamagra Jelly Online

Consent sounds something like this: “Oh yeah, let’s do this!” and it should come from all the parties involved in the act. Consent is the difference between a great time and a not-so-great time. Suppose you are ordering a pizza. You don’t want the pizza restaurant to assume that you want beef on your pizza when you have asked for a veg one. The same thing goes for anything in the sexual area— clear communication is a must.

Consent Is Not Just A ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ Thing 

Now, here is the tricky part. Consent is not about a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. Consent is not a one-time deal. And it is entirely revocable. It is like renting your friend your video game. You said they could borrow it, but then you changed your mind. And in that case, you can take it back. No harm, no bad blood. Consent is a continuous and ongoing conversation, and it does not matter how many times you have had sex with the same person, you both should be on the same page every time you do it. If you are feeling uncomfortable or uncertain about it at any point, you have the right to speak up.

Consent Is All About Enthusiasm 

Here is a pro tip to help you understand what consent is: it is not just about words; it is about enthusiasm. Consent is like cheering for your favorite sports team where you don’t just mumble “Yeah, okay,” when your team scores something high. You would be on your feet, shouting, and high-fiving everyone around you. That is the level of excitement we are talking about. So, when you are about to get intimate with someone, make sure you both are shouting “HECK YEAH!”. When the consent has enthusiasm in it, it makes the whole experience way more enjoyable.

Alcohol And Consent- A Tricky Combination

Alcohol is everyone’s not-so-best friend. Alcohol can lower inhibitions and make everything around you a bit blurry. But when it comes to consent, alcohol is a big no-no. You cannot solve a complex puzzle while wearing beer goggles because it is not going to end well. Consent is a lot like puzzles that require a clear mind. If you and your partner had a few too many, it is best to hold off until you are feeling yourself again. Consent and sobriety end up together. 

Silence Does Not Mean ‘Yes’

Here is a big one. Silence does not automatically indicate a ‘yes’. We don’t have the ability to read minds, and we definitely should not assume. When you are taking silence as approval, you are playing charades without any clues and it does not work. If your partner seems uncomfortable or hesitant, it is your responsibility to check in with them and ask if they are okay. Sometimes your partner can feel uncertain about certain things or might feel shy to open up about them. And that is the time when you should be even more attentive to their comfort level. Consent has to be loud and clear. 

Body Language Matters

In the world of consent, body language plays a vital role. Super Kamagra Tablets Body language is the unspoken part of the conversation. If you see your partner pulling away, showing signs of discomfort, or acting tense, it is time to hit the brakes. But if you see them leaning in, making eye contact, and responding positively, you can go on with whatever you are going on with. Just remember that it is not just about what you say but how you both behave.


One last thing we would like to add is it is absolutely 100% okay to say ‘no’ at any point. Even if you are halfway through the things you are doing if someone changes their mind and says, “I am not feeling comfortable with it”, you have to stop. There is no questions to ask, no arguments to involve with, just stop. That is what we do when we don’t like a book we are reading. We DNF it. And when you are at it, remember that consent applies to everyone regardless of their gender or identity, and it is a universal rule for all.

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